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12.12: The Day (2023)

12.12: The Day (2023)

12332  7.7   2:21:55   720p & 360p | November 22nd, 2023 | Drama, History, War, Thriller, Crime

After the assassination of President Park, martial law has been declared. A coup d’état bursts out by Defense Security Commander Chun Doo-gwang and a private band of officers following him. Capital Defense Commander Lee Tae-shin, an obstinate soldier who believes the military should not take political actions, fights against Chun Doo-gwang to stop him. The conflict between the two grows while military leaders are holding their decision and Defense Minister is gone. In the midst of chaos, the spring of Seoul that everyone longed for heads to unexpected direction.

Country: South Korea
Directors: Kim Sung-soo
Casts: Hwang Jung-min as Chun Doo-gwang, Jung Woo-sung as Lee Tae-shin, Lee Sung-min as Jung Sang-ho, Park Hae-jun as Roh Tae-geon, Kim Sung-kyun as Kim Jun-yeob, Kim Eui-sung as Oh Gook-sang, Jeong Dong-hwan as Choi Han-gyu, Ahn Nae-sang as Han Young-goo, Yoo Sung-joo as Min Seong-bae, Choi Byung-mo as Do Hee-Cheol, Park Hoon as Moon Il-pyeong, Lee Jae-yoon as Lim Hak-joo, Kim Sung-oh as Kim Chang-se, Nam Yoon-ho as Kang Dong-chan, Hong Seo-jun as Ha Chang-soo, Ahn Se-ho as Jang Min-gi, Jung Hyeong-seok as Park Gi-hong, Park Jeong-hak as Mo Sang-don, Park Won-sang as Go Jae-young, Jeong Man-sik as Gong Soo-hyeok, Jung Hae-in as Oh Jin-ho, Lee Jun-hyuk as Kwon Hyung-jin, Park Hyeok-min as Jin Young-do, Yum Dong-hun as Bae Song-hak, Jeon Jin-gi as Hyun Chi-sung, Choe Won-kyung as Won Kyeong, Cha Rae-hyung as Heo Dong-yoon, Gong Jae-min as Kim Byeong-jun, Kwon Hyuk as Cho Woo-taek, Han Chang-hyun as Tak Jae-oh, Song Young-geun as Yoo Hee-jong, Jeon Soo-ji as Lee Tae-shin's wife, Seo Gwang-jae as Prime minister, Im Cheol-hyung as Chief Kang, Hyun Bong-sik as Joo Wan-yong, Gwag Ja-hyeong as Colonel Lee, Jeon Woon-jong as Major Byeon, Lee Seung-hee as Park Su-jong, Kim Ki-moo as Yoon Woo-myeong, Mun Seong-bok as Yeom Gil-rok, Kim Ok-joo as Chun Doo-gwang's wife, Park Jeong-pyo as Head of a guardhouse, Kwak Jin-seok as Lee Yong-soo, Han Kyu-won as Shon Gyu-won, Woo Mi-hwa as Oh Gook-sang's wife, Cha Gun-woo as Kim Dong-gyu, Kim Jung-pal as Seo Jung-phil, Hwang Byeong-guk as Hwang Byeong-geun, Choe Min as Oh Goo-min, Lee Gwi-woo as Lee Gwi-oh, Kang Gil-woo as Major Seol, Ahn Seong-bong as Ko Eun-tae, Baek Jin-wook as Eavesdropping agent, Paul Battle as American Ambassador, Brad Curtin as Commander Beckam, Yoon Dae-yeul as Warrant officer Yang, Lee Gi-hoon as Park Gi-tae, Choi Ji-ho as Cho Ji-ho, Jung Tae-sung as Chun Tae-sung, Kim Seung-hwan as Ko Seung-hwan, Oh Hyun-seok as Ahn Jong-hwan, Lee Soon-poong as General Ma, Kwon Hyeok-beom as Lieutenant colonel Hong, Kim Beom-soo as Jo Min-beom, Jang Ji-yong as Oh Gook-sang's Secretary, Kwon Da-ham as First lieutenant Pyeon, Lee Ga-kyung as Administrative officer, Bae Ki-beom as Deputy Minister of the Interior, Lee Mi-ra as Banquet hall emcee