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Babysitter (2022)

Babysitter (2022)

3999  6.1   1:27:40   720p & 360p | April 27th, 2022 | Comedy

Middle-aged sexist Cédric gets suspended from work after drunkenly kissing a female reporter during a prank on live TV. Stuck at home with his long-suffering girlfriend Nadine and their incessantly crying baby, Cédric teams up with his sensitive brother Jean-Michel to co-author a confessional book apologizing for their past misogyny. Enter Amy: a mysterious and provocative young babysitter, who, like a Mary Poppins of the libido, forces the trio to face their sexual anxieties while turning their lives upside down.

Country: Canada, France
Directors: Monia Chokri
Casts: Patrick Hivon as Cédric, Monia Chokri as Nadine, Nadia Tereszkiewicz as Amy, Steve Laplante as Michel, Hubert Proulx as Tessier, Stéphane Moukarzel as Carlos, Nathalie Breuer as Brigitte, Patrice Dubois as Christian, Ève Duranceau as Chantal Tremblay, Geneviève Beaudet as Paediatrician, Patricia Lanoie as Aqua-baby Leader, Adina Darie as Girl Who Looks Like Kim Kardashian, Valerie-Pascale Bourque as Girl Who Looks Like Anastasia Karanikolaou, Amélie Grenier as TV Presenter #1, Varda Étienne as TV Presenter #2, Linda Brodeur as Micheline, Alphé Gagné as Cédric's Male Colleague, Anne-Valérie Bouchard as Cédric's Female Colleague, Léa Simard as Cédric's Colleague Who Will Always Thinks She's Guilty, Jonathan David Bédard as MMA Fighter, Antoine Beaulieu as MMA Fighter, Mazen El-Masri as The Beer dude, Sophie Doucet as Ring Girl #1, Chanelle Moroni as Ring Girl #2