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KKN di Desa Penari: Luwih Dowo, Luwih Medeni (2022)

KKN di Desa Penari: Luwih Dowo, Luwih Medeni (2022)

7454  5.8   2:55:19   720p & 360p | December 29th, 2022 | Horror

"Water always goes to the East, in the East everything flows together, from the good to the bad to the worst", a Javanese proverb was said by Widya's mother just before she left for Community Service. A sign that there was something in the village at the far east. Widya, Nur, Ayu, Bima, Anton and Wahyu never thought that their KKN activities would lead to disaster. Often heard the sound of gamelan and the appearance of a beautiful dancer who began to disturb Nur and also Widya. "Badarawuhi", the village elder (Mbah Buyut) mentions the name of the dancer who continues to be unemployed Widya. An even scarier incident occurred when one of the KKN students was entangled in an agreement with the dancer, so that they were threatened with not being able to return home safely from the village known as the Dancer Village.

Country: Indonesia
Directors: Awi Suryadi
Casts: Tissa Biani Azzahra as Nur, Adinda Thomas as Widya, Achmad Megantara as Bima, Aghniny Haque as Ayu, Calvin Jeremy as Anton, M. Fajar Nugra as Wahyu, Kiki Narendra as Prabu, Aulia Sarah as Badarawuhi, Lydia Kandou as Widya's Mother, Aty Cancer as Sundari, Zainal Abidin Zetta as Mbah Buyut, Andri Mashadi as Ayu's Brother (Ilham), Dewi Sri as Mbah Dok, Abah Dakar as Mbah Langsa, Satria Lintang Daru as Genderuwo, Liek Suyanto as Grandpa Celebration, Mbah Gareng as Weird Oldman, Ade Cloering as Cilok Seller, Rekhan Jawier as Carriers, Bernard as Carriers, Retno as Ayu's Mother, Donny Hutama as Ayu's Father, Ayu as Bima's Mother, Posman Tobing as Mysterious Old Man, Dimas Herjuna Tuwek as Lelembut Villagers, Ojing J. Raharjo as Lelembut Villagers, Kaka Sudarmaji as Lelembut Villagers, Yatno as Lelembut Villagers