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Late Night with the Devil (2024)

Late Night with the Devil (2024)

1511  7.1   1:32:47   720p & 360p | March 19th, 2024 | Horror

A live broadcast of a late-night talk show in 1977 goes horribly wrong, unleashing evil into the nation's living rooms.

Casts: David Dastmalchian as Jack Delroy, Laura Gordon as June Ross-Mitchell, Ian Bliss as Carmichael Haig, Fayssal Bazzi as Christou, Ingrid Torelli as Lilly D'Abo, Rhys Auteri as Gus McConnell, Georgina Haig as Madeleine Piper, Josh Quong Tart as Leo Fiske, Steve Mouzakis as Szandor D'Abo, Paula Arundell as Diane, Tamala Shelton as Carol, Christopher Kirby as Phil, Gaby Seow as Sammy, Elise Jansen as Cavewoman, John O'May as Walker Bedford, Clare Chihambakwe as Stacey, Amelie Mendosa as Christou's Assistant, Grace Cummings as Peggy Decay, Michael Ironside as The Narrator (voice), Andre Switzer as Lou, Declan Fay as Cue Card Guy, Milena Berhane as Production Assistant 1, Leah Wilbraham as Production Assistant 2, Chase Kauffman as Stage Hand 1, Miranda Bloom as Stage Hand 2, Mitchell Brotz as Stage Hand 3, Caspian Dezfouli as Camera Operator 1, Rod Lara as Camera Operator 2, Nicole Chapman as Cleo James, Steven Kwon as Skeleton Man, Imaan Hadchiti as Frank Khoury, Farhad Zaiwala as Spoon Bender, Jarrad Pidoto as Military Officer, Paddy Shiels as Vietnam Vet, Aya Cairnes as Levitating Woman, Gerasimos Grammenos as FBI Agent, Pearl Grammenos as Infant Lilly, Adam Batt as Head of Airtime, Raoul Salter as Vice President of Marketing, Janine Lum as Vice President of Marketing's Wife, Rik Brown as Annointed Grove Member, Scarlett Varga as Young Lilly, Sarah Lorey as Spinning Wheel Lady, Tiare Skeats as High Priestess, Anna van Guens as D'Abo's Disciple, Arkie Simpson-Purdon as D'Abo's Disciple, Daisy Anderson as D'Abo's Disciple, Joel Anderson as D'Abo's Disciple, Miles Brown as D'Abo's Disciple, Scott Purdon as D'Abo's Disciple, Quincy Simpson-Purdon as D'Abo's Disciple, Jason Rout as Grove Member, Jeff Schwisow as Grove Member, Michael McArthur as Grove Member, Jason Marion as Orson, Morgan Moody as French Director, Angus Neale as David Dastmalchian Stand In, Julia Pretto as Ingrid Torelli Stand In