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Miss Shampoo (2023)

Miss Shampoo (2023)

1644  5.7   2:00:37   720p & 360p | July 28th, 2023 | Comedy, Romance, Drama

In a hair salon in an alley, apprentice Fen practices day and night in the hope of becoming a fully-fledged hairdresser soon. On a stormy night, Tai, a wounded gang boss, rushes into the salon to hide from his rival. With Fen’s help, Tai manages to escape. Smitten by Fen and to repay her kindness, Tai brings his underlings to have their hair cut in the salon and passionately pursues Fen. When Fen and Tai, who come from such different backgrounds, gradually come to understand each other and fall in love, Tai’s rival shows up and challenges Tai. Could the couple work together to overcome the difficulties and start a new life?

Country: Taiwan
Directors: Giddens Ko
Casts: Hong Yu Hong as Tai, Vivian Sung as Fen, Kai Ko as Long Legs, Tsai Chang-Hsien as Fishy, Wei-min Ying as Bryan, Bai Jing Yi as Guan, Mei-Man Jin as Mei-Man, Ke-Li Miao as Auntie Gold, Tzu-Chien Kuo as Boss Chuan, Honduras as Boss North, Hsin-Ling Chung as Feng Mom, Chu Chung-heng as Feng Dad, Kongkiat Limpongsatorn as Gym Owner, Duncan Lai as Boss Tung, Lucas Ro as Hao, Teng-Hung Hsia as Four-Eye, Kent Tsai as Guo, Jhih-Ciang Hu as Young Tai, Chih-ju Lin as Chief, Duan Chun-hao as Boss Hsing, McFly Wu as Gambler, Bruce Ho as Zheng Xu-xiang, Yu-Cheng Yang as Thai Assassin, Shu Wei Wu as Thai Assassin, Chun-Yung Wang as Auntie Gold's Gang, Alvin Lin as Auntie Gold's Gang, Zhang Shaochen as The Gong-Shin Gang, Peng-Lin Wang as The Gong-Shin Gang, Yu-Chi Shen as The Gong-Shin Gang, Shan-Chien Tan as The Gong-Shin Gang, Shang-ting Chung as Boss North's Gang, Trig Yu as Boss North's Gang, Chang-Ying Hsieh as Messed-Up Hair, Yu-Yan Chen as Messed-Up Hair, Kaizhe Chang as Messed-Up Hair, Tai-Ho Chen as Underage, Yong-Yu Xiao as Gambler, Crystal Chiang as Badger Game Girl, Lan-Shen Wang as Chinese Guy, Feng-Yi Zheng as Bike Guy