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The Matchmakers (2023)

The Matchmakers (2023)

45593  7.5   1:10:05   540p & 360p | October 30th, 2023 | Comedy, Drama

In the Joseon era (1392-1910), the young widow Jung Soon-deok has lived an eventful life. She married into a powerful family, but has since lost her husband. She lives a double life, going under an alias when she acts as a matchmaker, pairing up eligible bachelors with suitable brides. Shim Jung-woo, meanwhile, is the King’s unhappy son-in-law. His chagrin derives from the fact that his bride, the princess, died just moments after he tied the knot with her. — But while Shim Jung-woo is a very grumpy individual, he is also one of the smartest men in the land – and became the youngest person ever to pass the Civil Service Exam. This unlikely duo must team up to find husbands for a handful of important Joseon women whose age is starting to creep up. Their outlooks on life are very different, but they have no choice but to work together. Could playing Cupid for others put them back on the path to love?

Country: South Korea
Casts: Rowoon as Shim Jung-woo, Cho Yi-hyun as Jung Soon-deok, Jo Han-chul as The King, Park Ji-young as Park So-hyun, Choi Kyung-hoon as Yun Bu-gyeom, Oh Ye-ju as Jo Ye-jin, Jung Bo-min as Maeng Sam-sun, Heo Nam-jun as Jeong Soon-koo, Son Sang-yeon as Lee Si-yeol, Park Ji-won as Maeng Du-ri, Jeong Sin-hye as Maeng Ha-na, Lee Hae-yeong as Jo Young-bae, Choi Hui-jin as Mrs. Jo, Park Hwan-Hee as Yeoju's House, Seo Jin-won as Do Seung-ji, Jung Seung-kil as Hong Cheon-su, Lee Soon-won as Park Bok-gi, Kim Da-huin as Kim Mun-geon, Kim Hyun-mok as Kim Oh-bong, Bang Eun-jeong as Gae-deong, Kim Ga-young as March's Mother, Park Hyun Jung as Royal Consort Sug-ui Park, Woo Hyun-ju as Mrs. Jeong, Kim Gun-ho as Assemblyman Yoo, Kim Yeon-Woo as Shim Myung-woo, Lee Sang-goo as Shim Jin-ho, Kim Si-woo as Jo Geun-seok, Park Sung-Jin as Jo In-hyeon, Yun Yeo-won as Jo In-guk, Jin Hee-kyung as The Queen, Hong Dong-yeong as Lee Jae, Hwi Young as Lee Chwa-rang, Park Chae-young as Princess Hyo-jeong, Bin Chan-uk as Heo Suk-hyeon, Jung Woo-jae as Kim Jib, Cho Chang-hee as Jang Chun-bae, Ko Deok-won as Han Jong-bok, Jung Yeon as Ms. Lee, Jeong Ji-an as Masan's House, Park Bo-bae as Jeonju's House, Lee So-e as Gaeseong's House, Lee Ye-joo as Bok-hee, Kim Dong-ho as Ahn Dong-geon, Lee Chang-min as Maegol Monk, Jang Hye-jin as Song Jin-sa's House Wife, Yang Ah-reum as Lee Cho-ok