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Love Never Dies (2023)

Love Never Dies (2023)

5204  N/A   59:23   360p | August 6th, 2023 | Drama

Rinthan and Saphol are each others' first loves. They'd planned their entire lives together: their marriage, home, children. Everything's shattered when Saphol suddenly passes away in an accident. Shocked an devesatated, Rinthan makes an earnest wish for Saphol to return so they can live their happy future and she begins to live her life as if he were still alive. With Saphol's image clinging to her, Rinthan cannot live a normal life, cannot begin to start a new life with someone new. Always by her side is her sister Paithong. Paithong is in love with Joong who's in her faculty. It's a different kind of love, one where feelings are hidden, or they manifest in quarelling. Rinthan wonders why a love like hers and Saphol's had to be broken when love that doesn't look like love perseveres.

Country: Thailand