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Ricky Stanicky (2024)

Ricky Stanicky (2024)

1695  6.2   1:54:41   720p & 360p | February 21st, 2024 | Comedy

When three childhood best friends pull a prank gone wrong, they invent the imaginary Ricky Stanicky to get them out of trouble. Twenty years later, the trio still uses the nonexistent Ricky as a handy alibi for their immature behavior. But when their spouses and partners get suspicious and demand to finally meet the fabled Mr. Stanicky, the guilty trio decide to hire a washed-up actor and raunchy celebrity impersonator to bring him to life.

Directors: Peter Farrelly
Casts: Zac Efron as Dean, Jermaine Fowler as Wes, Andrew Santino as JT, John Cena as Ricky Stanicky (Rod), Lex Scott Davis as Erin, Anja Savcic as Susan, William H. Macy as Summerhayes, Riley Stiles as Young Dean, Oscar Wilson as Young JT, Gaius Nolan as Young Wes, Brian Jarvis as Police Chief Agawam, Jackie Flynn as Fire Chief Grunberg, Kevin Flynn as Fireman Mycroft, Jasmine Anders as Officer Parfitt, Stan Grant as Stan Grant, Bob Farrelly as Barry the Bartender, Nathan Jones as Big Ben, Jasper Bagg as Little Lenny, Dieu Vieil Mbelo as Trumpet Man, Alieu Chol as Trumpet Player, Bol Cinwel as Trumpet Player, Louis Ecaldre as Trumpet Player, Samson Madu as Trumpet Player, Takudzwa Matsatsa as Trumpet Player, Gayetee Sonkarkey as Trumpet Player, Aaron Thoman as Trumpet Player, Surafel Yigletu as Trumpet Player, Peter Venn as Casino Extra, Cessalee Stovall as Nurse, Sean Dobra as Hospital Guy, Debra Lawrance as Mrs Levine, Heather Mitchell as Leona, Daniel Monks as Keith, Allan Lim as Rod's Audio Engineer, Jeff Ross as Rabbi Greenberg, Sloan Fischer as Cheese Puffs, Jane Badler as Miriam Summerhayes, Apple Farrelly as Carly, Marta Kaczmarek as Mimi Jacobs, Francesca Waters as Ginny Hoffman, Charlie Torr as Glazed Dates, Jackson Tozer as Gary Polisner, Charlotte Marquis as Kid at Bris, Olivia Marquis as Kid at Bris, Goldie Harris-Currie as Kid at Bris, Sunny Harris-Currie as Kid at Bris, Evie Bock as Kid at Bris, Layla Bock as Kid at Bris, Harry Saunders as Kid at Bris, Ryan Shelton as Phillip, Harrison Frick as Karnowski, Sean Gildea as Peterson, Jim Knobeloch as Billings, Belinda Aitken as Executive #3, Zen Gesner as World River Exec #1, Kate Lister as World River Exec #2, Ruben Francis as World River CEO, Sharon Johal as News Reader #1, Adam Murphy as News Reader #2, Bibi Belo as TSA Agent, Kieran Rahilly as Smiley, Emily Irene Bishop as Emily Irene Bishop, Charlie Levy as Charlie Levy, Will Thomas Schneider as Will Thomas Schneider, Olivia Mary Bishop as Olivia Mary Bishop, Lachlan David McCredie as Lachlan David McCredie, Stephanie Dianne Woods as Stephanie Dianne Woods, Joshua Cox as Joshua Cox, Zahra Nezami as Zahra Nezami, Bluelily Rahera Steen as Bluelily Rahera Steen, Marc Rebillet as Himself