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Stockholm Bloodbath (2024)

Stockholm Bloodbath (2024)

469  4.6   2:30:17   720p & 360p | January 19th, 2024 | Action, History, Drama, Adventure

In 1520, the notorious and power-hungry Danish King Christian II is determined to seize the Swedish crown from Sten Sture, no matter what it takes. Meanwhile, sisters Freja and Anne make a solemn promise to seek revenge on the men who brutally murdered their family. Everything comes to a head in the heart of Stockholm, where the sisters are drawn into a ruthless political struggle between Sweden and Denmark that culminates in a mass execution, presided over by the mad King "Christian the Tyrant," known as the Stockholm Bloodbath.

Country: Denmark, Sweden
Directors: Mikael Håfström
Casts: Sophie Cookson as Anne Eriksson, Claes Bang as King Kristian, Alba August as Freja Eriksson, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard as Didrik Slagheck, Jakob Oftebro as Gustave Trolle, Ulrich Thomsen as Hemming Gadh, Emily Beecham as Kristina Gyllenstierna, Thomas Chaanhing as Sylvestre, Kate Ashfield as Birgitta, Adam Pålsson as Sten Sture, Wilf Scolding as Johan Natt och dag, Matias Varela as Cardinal, Zámbó István as Albrecht Gablein, Viktor Filep as Hans Gablein, Roland Kollárszky as Holger The Dane, Wayne Brett as Bishop Vincentius Bellenack, Declan Hannigan as Ulf Eriksson, Anders Grundberg as Daniel Eriksson, Samuel Håfström as Lars Eriksson, Eszter Ónodi as Maria Eriksson, Niall Bishop as Anders, Charlotta Lövgren as Miss Gertrud, Paul Brodie as Botulf Botulfsson, Géza Kovács as Soldier, Kornélia Harmath as Magdalena Sture, Anabelle Daisy Grundberg as Iliana Sture, Sean Duggan as Bishop Hans Brask, Thoren Ferguson as Albert, Balint Fenyvesi as Painter, Vékes András as Swedish Soldier, Jeremy Wheeler as Archibishop, Gábor Perei as Angry Man, Claes Ljungmark