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The Climb (2019)

The Climb (2019)

501  6.7   1:37:45   720p | May 17th, 2019 | Comedy, Drama

A look at the friendship between two guys that spans over many years.

Casts: Kyle Marvin as Kyle, Michael Angelo Covino as Mike, Gayle Rankin as Marissa, Talia Balsam as Suzi, George Wendt as Jim, Judith Godrèche as Ava, Daniella Covino as Dani, Eden Malyn as Bianca, Kris Avedisian as Ronnie, Sondra James as Grandma, Todd Barry as Uncle Mark, Meredith Holzman as Jackie, Eric Pumphrey as George, Jason Baxter as Otis, David Neal Levin as Gary, Zina Wilde as Sarah, Mike Massimino as Rick, Daniel O'Callahan as Poppy Doc, William Bellis as Old Man, Phil Burgers as Realtor, Lionel Tavera as French Driver, Otis McKee as French Boy, Alexander Blaise as French Doctor, Rachel Kylian as French Nurse, John Dinello as Frogtown Union Cemetery Boss, Corey Pierno as Cemetery Worker, Marc Webster as Funeral Priest, Fenton Lawless as Wedding Priest, Janaya Lindsey as Driver's Ed Student, Jazzy Kae as Ticket Attendant, Katrine Hoyt as Family Member #1, Julie Chateauvert as Family Member #2, Tom Stratford as Family Member #3, Warren Ray Davis as Family Member #4, Kevin A. Wall as Family Member #5, Anthony Paglia as Family Member #6, Leonard Ford as Cemetery Singer #1, James Reeder as Cemetery Singer #2, Bernard Taylor as Cemetery Singer #3, Gerard Burrell as Cemetery Singer #4, Sergei Pobedinski as Ukrainian Singer #1, Valeriy Zhmud as Ukrainian Singer #2, Andrei Solodenko as Ukrainian Singer #3, Ali McKee as Peleton Rider #1, Thibault Athane as Peleton Rider #2, Marshall Opel as Peleton Rider #3, Thomas Navarro as Peleton Rider #4, Frederic Giovagnini as Peleton Rider #5, Aurélie Chapon as Peleton Rider #6, Andres Cerezo as Velodrome Rider #1, Jonathan Cordero as Velodrome Rider #2, Michel Kazi as Velodrome Rider #3, Luis Scattareggi as Velodrome Rider #4, Alyssa Maria App as Family Member (uncredited), Katrine Hoyt as Family Member #1